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65 Watt 10000K Power Compact - Straight Pin - Hamilton

Hamilton 55/65 watt 10,000K PC light fits Coralife PC fixture: a less expensive alternative to a fixture that needs frequent bulb changes.

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Pay less for PC bulbs fitting Coralife PC fixture featured

Comments Hamilton 55/65 watt PC fluorescent bulbs 10,000K cost less (approximately $12to $20 less per bulb) than the Coralife PC bulbs and fit the Coralife fixture. Since you have to change PC bulbs every 9 to 12 months, the replacement cost adds up. Coralife's fixture doesn't work with all bulbs that have the same specificiations: Hamilton makes a bulb that does fit. I recommend stocking up when you locate a less expensive bulb. TRT sponsors offer reasonable prices for Hamilton (around $20 per bulb). Hamilton's German bulb of 10,000K "cool sun" wavelength provides sufficient light for a reef tank (allowing on enough wattage for gallon volume) for all corals except the most light intensive (i.e., SPS).

Liked about it TRT sponsors offer Hamilton bulb for $20 each. It is a quality light for PC Coralife fixture. The bulbs supply a high quality of light for reefs. Although some heat is generated, the Coralife fixture fans control it.

Didn't like I don't like mercury in lights (or especially not in the environment) so the PC requires special disposal; mercury should be kept away from pregnant women especially. ( As a conservationist, I appreciate the energy efficiency of the PC bulbs though.) PC bulbs have to be changed frequently (9 to 12 months) so replacement costs are significant for a fixture used for some time. If you buy bulbs and store them, you must avoid breakage (see mercury concerns) and this is not always easy in some households.

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By Fielding12
Apr 20, 2010
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