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80W Korallen-Zucht T5 Fiji Purple Special Red/Blue

Fiji Purple Korallen-Zucht KZ T5 Bulb Fiji Purple T5 with blue-red spectrum. Should be mixed 1:1 or 1:2 with the KZ Coral Light for best results. These bulbs are recommended in the ZeoVit system.

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Unique Spectrum Bulb

Comments It sure does perform as advertised. Brings out the reds,pinks and purples in everything in the tank. Especially at night. Corals get a strong color increase after 14-20 days. I am so pleased with the spectrum and the VHO of this bulb. It is best used with a combination of at least 3 bulbs. I use this bulb with the Atinic Plus and Pure Atinic bulbs. This is not for use as a stand alone bulb. Also for best results get a individual parabolic reflector. Boosts output by 300%.

Liked about it How it brings out colors of corals especially the pink,red and purples that I didn't notice before I installed this bulb. Very High Output . Long life span.

Didn't like Nothing loved everything. Will buy again

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By rugman7
Mar 18, 2010
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