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36 Inch T5HO Aquasun 10000K 39W by UV Lighting Featured

AquaSun 10000 K T-5 HO Fluorescent Tubes 36" 39 watt by UV Lighting Company. T-5 HO AquaSun fluorescent aquarium lamps for fresh and saltwater aquariums

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quality bulb with great output

Comments A nice bulb if you prefer a whiter/yellower color in the tank, but I prefer to have more blue/crisp white color. These do have great output, but you can attain similar output with bulbs that go by the name "aquablue" to get a bit more aesthetically pleasing look (in my opinion). UVL has been very responsive to questions I've had, as well, so I'd recommend any of their products.

Liked about it Great output, nice price, quality company, and a good overall life.

Didn't like A bit yellow compared to be used by itself, but it may be a great choice in combination with other higher Kelvin T5 bulbs.

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By crvz
Jun 03, 2009
Last updated: May 17, 2010
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