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250 Watt 13000K Metal Halide Bulb Single-Ended (Mogul) (All Brands)

Aqualine Buschke Screw Socket Metal Halide Bulbs 250W 13000 K by Aqua Medic. Screw-socket high intensity discharge metal halide bulbs ideal for pendant fixtures

Price: $13 to $13 at 1 stores
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I was expecting more blue

Comments This bulb is very white, not what alot of reviews I had read in other places had said. They claimed a nice blue Hue from this bulb that I just dont see.

Liked about it The startup on this bulb is only about 3 minutes. I Use Pulse start ballasts, as the manufacturer recommends and they perform as stated.

Didn't like Very White and will require some HO Actinics to get more blue hue to the tank.

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By para306
Mar 21, 2011
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Price: $13 to $13
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