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24 Inch T12 VHO 454nm Actinic 75W by UV Lighting

454 (peaks at 454nm allowing chlorophyll absorption utilized in natural photosynthesis) 85% triband ultra blue spectrum, 15% actinic spectrum. 180? internal reflector allows 40% more light output. Great for reef...

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Comments This is a great bulb! Well, if you need a blue bulb.
Hamilton Tech just started carrying them so I picked one up.
I'm building a new octopus exhibit just around this one bulb.

Liked about it Represents natural lighting 1 hour before sunset or around 250 ft depth.
Two spotted octopus think it is night time and become much more active than if you were to use a 10k or 14k vho.

Didn't like All colors are lost but still shines some light on the subject!

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By hawaii4485
Aug 28, 2009
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