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Yellow and White Feather Duster

Yellow and White Feather Duster - Sabella species Taxonomy: Yellow and White Feather Duster belongs to the Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Annelida, Class Polychaeta, Order Sabellida, Family Sabellidae and Genus Sabella....

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Nice hardy fd!

Comments One of if not the easiest ivert Ive ever owned. Not aggressive at all. Very slow growing. These iverts look great placed in groups in larger tanks or as individuals in smaller tanks.

Liked about it These inverts add movement to your tank and opens and shuts throughout the day. Basicly care free. I was sold food for it to be honest it really doesnt need any added food if your running a mature tank. Also they really dont need to be placed in the sand as most folks do. I've always had luck wedging the between roks. The will attach to those rocks and become a part of the rock so to move them all you have to do is move the rock.

Didn't like The only thing I would caution is diff rent types of fish(puffers butterflies) like to munch on these little guys. Also if you see little stringy calky stuff coming for one of these guys not to worry he's just doing his business. They do tend to drop their feathers when threatened not to worry they will grow back but try to find out why he/she felt threatened.

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By partobe
Dec 21, 2009
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Price: $23 to $23
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