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Tube Anemone

Tube Anemones are somewhat primitive. They have a long, tube-like body and lack a basal disc to attach them to a surface. Their long, slender tentacles surround an 'eye' of petite tentacles inside. They occur in a...

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exotic anemone that will add life to your tank

Comments its no secret that anemones are hard to keep and that newbies to the hobby shouldnt attempt them, anyways i bought one of this about two months ago and i have to say that it has added a lot of life and variety to my tank. nice color, long tentacles, and elegant way to move its "arms"

Liked about it -adds variety
-exotic looking
-different to most anemones

Didn't like -tentacles can be too long
-can be hard to satisfy (like most anemones)
-thats about it, nice addition overall!!!

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By gabranth17
Jun 13, 2010
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Price: $20 to $20
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