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Strawberry Hermit Crab

The Strawberry Hermit Crab is quite different from its algae-eating counterparts. This is a much larger hermit species that needs lots of room and food. It is a scavenger and predator; in the aquarium, it can be fed bits...

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nice colorful addition to a cleanup crew

Comments i have a couple of this hermits on my biocube and like other crabs they do an excellent job on cleaning up the tank from any leftover food and algae, i personally liked this kind of hermit since for most of my time as an aquarist ive dealt with mostly red and blue ledge. in conclusion if you wana add some color to those moving pair of legs moving on your rocks and sand think no more and add some strawberry hermits

Liked about it -color
-not as aggressive as other hermits

Didn't like -nothing

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By gabranth17
Jun 12, 2010
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