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Trochus Snail (Trochus sp.) Featured

Trochus Snails, Trochus sp., are outstanding cleaners that are found on a number of reefs scattered throughout the Indo-Pacific region. These cone shaped snails are eager to eat several types of micro algae commonly found in the home aquarium. The radula, or tongue, of the snail has a rasp like texture. When pulled across a surface, this rasp pulls the algae loose for...

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Hardy snail that really cleans up the algae featured

Comments I recently had a massive outbreak of algae in my tank, the reason's not important, but how I took care of it is. Even after the issue that caused the algal bloom was taken care of, much of the algae remained. It would eventually die off, but I didn't want to wait, and it had progressed far beyond manual removal. Pumps, rock, my pre-skimmer box, and more, were think with the stuff. I had let my clean up crew dwindle over the years, because there really wasn't anything for them to do. I have kept Turbo snails in the past, but found them to be more trouble than they are worth. In a recent edition of Coral magazine there was an article on snails and it suggested the Trochus or the Banded Trochus as a good algae eater and one without some of the issues that pop up with Turbo snails.

I purchased eight of them and after careful acclimation placed them into my tank. The result was mind boggling to me. They ate, and ate and ate the algae until it was all gone. I am now placing some of them in other tanks because they are running out of food and I don't want them to starve.

For optimal health of this snail remember the following:
1. They must have algae to live. So your tank must have enough or you must add sinking algae pellets to the tank for them to eat, or some seaweed sheets.
2. Always acclimate invertebrates carefully, these snails are no exception.
3. Their shells continue to grow and so you will need to keep the calcium level in your tank up around 350-450 parts per million.

Liked about it 1. Affordable snail.
2. Smaller in size.
3. Eats algae like crazy which is why I call them the "goats of the sea".
4. Can turn themselves over if they fall upside down.
5. Do not knock over rocks or corals.
6. Peaceful to other snails.

Didn't like 1. Because they eat so much algae if you buy too many snails for your tank you will either have to feed them or give a few away.

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By tcamos
Sep 07, 2010
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