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Lettuce Nudibranch

The lettuce nudibranch is a beautiful shell-less snail. It's colors can range from green to blue. Some specimens have red, orange, brown or yellow trim on it's folds and often appears to be spotted. - The lettuce nudibranch is an algae eater, but contrary to popular opinion will not eat hair algae. They will, however, happily consume Bryopsis. As a matter of fact, some sources indicate that the only algae they will eat is Bryopsis, leading to a very real possibility of starvation. As the nudibranch eats this algae, it will incorporate the chloroplasts into it's own skin and become photosynthetic. - Another major concern with these creatures is getting sucked into overflows and powerheads. They are very fragile, all powerhead and overflow intakes should be covered with a fine mesh to prevent this.

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