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Gigas Clam (Tridacna gigas)

Native to the Indo-Pacific region, this is the largest of the Tridacna species and can grow to over 3 feet in length. Found in depths of up to 20 meters, this is a lower light clam that is often captive bred.

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Not suited for small aquariums, but a very hardy clam

Comments This clam is probably the hardiest of the Tridacna species, but it's also the largest. This monster clam can grow to over 3 feet in the wild, and they grow quickly, so hoping to keep one in a even a 100 gallon aquarium may be a pipe dream. I've been amazed at how quickly this clam can consume calcium and alkalinity, so if you do chose one of these make certain you've got a good way of supplementing your tank. If you have the space, though, a clam of this size can really be a showpiece in the tank. They don't require a lot of light, and they will grow quickly. It's certainly best to keep in the sand bed.

Liked about it When large, it's a very unique tank inhabitant. Visitors are certain to be amazed when they see it, and it's pretty cool to be able to keep such a cool creature. It's low light, so it can be kept easily without strong lighting.

Didn't like Nothing too negative to say about this clam except that it will grow large and it is not a good choice for long term in smaller tanks.

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By crvz
May 19, 2010
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