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Flower (rock) Anemone

is a member of the Phymanthidae family. Originating from the Caribbean, this anemone is found in a wide array of colors, with the oral disc often being a different color than the rest of the body. The oral disc lacks tentacles, but the tentacles on the body are often beaded in appearance. - - The Rock Flower Anemone can live singly or in groups. It will do best living on shaded, vertical rock walls, or within the substrate, and will not usually wander about the aquarium. It will bury most of its body in the sand, with only the oral disc and tentacles showing. The Rock Flower Anemone is fairly hardy and will adapt to a wide variety of lighting conditions. This anemone is a great addition to a reef aquarium. - - The Rock Flower Anemone is a carnivore, requiring meaty foods to survive. Offer mussels and freshly chopped fish, as well as a high quality frozen carnivore preparation. To thrive, the Rock Flower Anemone will need iodine and trace elements added to the water. -

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