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Vital Sine Refractometer

Very durable and accurate. Reads to the +-.001 specific gravity. Easy to use and comes with carrying case and pipet to add water to.

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Can't h ave a Reef without one!

Installation and Operation Extremely easy to install product. Just put 3-4 drops of aquarium water on lense and are ready to go. Does require tissue paper to clean afterwards or something similar. Calibration is also very easy and does not shift around. Instructions were informative and very helpful. Tells you exactly how to calibrate and what the lense should look like while saltwater is being measured. The eyepiece also is adjustable to bring it in and out of focus to see the chart easier. Use a bright window or light to be able to see the chart inside the refractometer. No maintenance practically at all except to rinse out pipet afterwards and clean off lense of refractometer.

Performance vs. Expectations Performs just as well (and better) than my expectations. If have the money is defiantly worth the investment, and is extremely comfortable to use!

Value for money Very good value for money

Customer Support The company is great. They return stuff with no problem, customer service is superb.

Liked about it 1. easy to use
2. clear and easy reading
3. adjustable focus lenses
4. comes with carrying case

Didn't like Nothing on this piece I did not like. ..and can not think of anything that I wish would have been different.

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By cutietwo
Sep 19, 2009
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