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Won Brothers 3 Prong Titanium Heating Element 500 Watt Heater

Won Brothers 500 Watt Titanium Heating Element 500 watt 23/32 12 No Thermal Protector 3 prong 10 feet cord Unbreakable Titanium Heating tube Chemical resistance of titanium is very good service no effect-excellent...

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Great basic heater

Installation and Operation Easily installed and used. This heater comes with a mechanical rheostat control mechanism which I have found to be unreliable and the method which it is attached allows for it to become disconnected from the device simply pops off. If this occurs, the heating capacity becomes very unreliable. I use this product with a controller which monitors ambient tank temperature and turns it on/off accordingly. I simply place the rheostat at the upper end of acceptable temperature and never go higher, adjusting overall temp with the controller. If there were ever a controller failure, then I know that my water temp will not go over the rehostat setting. It takes a little fiddling but I am more happy this way.

Performance vs. Expectations The heater will give great service over years however, I would not utilize this heater without a monitor to be sure that it does not accidentally stay on. A failure such as this could ruin a tank and thousands of dollars of investment in inhabitants.

Value for money 7/10. If there were a better control mechanism built into this heater, my review would be higher.

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Liked about it Easily used; price; readily available at most LFS.

Didn't like Faulty temp control design.

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By superwizbang
Aug 04, 2009
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