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ViaAqua Glass Aquarium Heater 250 W


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Via Aquarium Heater , Nice product!!

Installation and Operation The simple two suction cups make a safe placement for the product. Easy to remove and clean. Very stable, durable.

Performance vs. Expectations The Heater is a great heater that will work on 65g+ under 75g , The heat is adjustable and will turn off once set temp is reached. Will not over heat your tank , but will not struggle to keep it warm.

Value for money The price is will worth this product because of the economy at the moment. And you will get every penny and more out of this product.

Customer Support I have never had one problem with this heater, so there is no need for me to call for support. But i am sure the support will be just as reliable as the product. Standers never change.

Liked about it Liked the box it came in, and the instructions are perfect so as not to brake product be for you can enjoy it in your fish tank.

Didn't like I don't like the fact that the product is not shatter proof and can brake if not careful. Keep away from rocks and do not install on its side.

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By BobbyRodriguez
Dec 14, 2010
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