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Ocean Nutrition Atisons Betta PRO 75g

Betta PRO 2.65 oz by Ocean Nutrition. Atison's Betta PRO is a floating pellet fish food for Betta fish, providing ideal nutritional value

Price: $9 to $9 at 1 stores
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Boy will you notice a difference

Comments There are two things you are really looking for with any fish food. 1. will it take care of the nutritional needs of my fish. 2. Will it dirty up my tank. Betta don't eat a lot to begin with so the chance of extra food being left in the tank is pretty high. Many people don't run any filtration in their Betta tank so you can't really have anything that dirties up the water. This food doesn't do that, it's well constructed and clean. Also, after about a month of feeding it to my Betta (a beautiful red one that lives in a fully planted tank) I could tell his colors were brighter. I also noticed his fins were in excellent health and he had a good level of activity. This food really does what you want a good fish food to do, and for Betta owners, who think of their fish as dogs in a bowel, you will be pleased with the results.

Liked about it 1. Noticed a difference in my Betta.
2. Did not cloud the tank at all or break up quickly.
3. Granules work with my auto-feeder well.

Didn't like 1. When compared to food for other types of fish, this seems a couple of dollars too high. However, I have noticed that seems the general rule for Betta food.

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By tcamos
Apr 14, 2010
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Price: $9 to $9
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