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Two Little Fishies ZoPlan Advanced ZooPlankton Diet 30g

ZoPlan 1 oz by Two Little Fishies. Ideal food for marine invertebrates and fishes that feed on zooplankton

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filter feeding to a whole new level!!!

Comments ive always kept all sorts of corals and filter feeders on my two tanks, and when it came down to feeding them i had to use great amounts of certain products to meet the requirements of the vast group of inhabitants on my aquarium.
i used to use zooplankton from another brand that would require me to use a great amount of it for a regular feeding and on top of that it would raise up the phosphates and nitrates parameters. zoplan from "two little fishies" is a product that received from trt's reviewer group. i was always tempted to try this product before and now that i have, my only regret is not using the product before. zoplan from two little fishies surpassed any of my original expectations and i been noticing the changes in my tanks since the first couple of weeks of use, now that im using it my corals have perked up a lot and seem more active than ever before.
the last thing i got to say about zoplan is that it can be applied with ease, just pour a teaspoon or two into a high flow area and watch your corals enjoy the meal, i will definitely keep on using this product for my filter feeders and i would recommended it for those of you that keep corals

Liked about it -the effectiveness of this product is astonishing, you will see the difference from day one
-it is very reliable and easy to use
-unlike some other products with the same purpose, zoplan will not cause the nitrates and phosphates in your tank to raise

Didn't like -the water will probably get cloudy, but it will come back to normal in a few minutes
-when i use it, i make sure to mix it with a bit of saltwater in order for it to spread through the tank, this has to be done since the product is a powder that if used directly it will just float over the water

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By gabranth17
Jun 02, 2010
Last updated: June 20, 2010
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