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Tom Aquatics Floating Feeding Station

Allows for surface feeding without turning off filters. Place floating food in the feeding station and food remains secure in the station. No worry about food being drawn into filter. Feeding Area 1 3/4 x 1 3/4

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Must have for a freshwater tank featured

Comments I wouldn't use this for my reef tank because most of the fish I have are not surface feeders. However, most of my freshwater fish are. I got tired of putting in food and it circulating across the top of the water only to get blasted by the down-flow of the hang on filter a location the fish didn't go to feed due to the heavy current. So I got one of these at my local PetCo (you can get it elsewhere but they had a good price).

Not only did it take care of my floating food issues but it trained my fish. They new that the ring meant food and each day around feeding time they would come over to the ring. It was fun to watch the fish position themselves and to see which fish were just too stupid to know. My dwarf puffers were always there first so I would start feeding time with just a few blood worms which I knew they would like. Once they got some I would put in the whole feeding. Very enjoyable and kept my tank cleaner as the floating food would stay floating for a long time in the ring and rather than sink and get lost would eventually get eaten.

This may seem like a nothing product and a waste of money, but I am telling you, under the circumstances it was designed for it really helps with the feeding of your fish. If you keep tetras, this is a must have.

Liked about it 1. Suction cup makes for an easy mount
2. Swing arm allows the feeding station to rise or fall with the water level meaning if you need to top off you can still use the station
3. You can use more than one in larger tanks and they don't cost very much at all

Didn't like 1. Sometimes I would miss and drop food on top of it, this food sticks as the top is usually moist. Every so often I would need to remove it from the tank and clean all this off of it.

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By tcamos
Jun 21, 2010
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