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San Francisco Bay Brand Freeze Dried Tubifex 1 oz. Featured

Gamma radiated to have all the benefits without all the diseases tubifex worms are known for. These are cubes.

Price: $7 to $11 at 3 stores
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I hate these and so do my fish featured

Comments I've never used these in a marine tank, only in my fresh water tanks so I can't speak to how or if marine fish should be eating tubifex worms, but I was never able to get my fish to eat this brand of them. I just tossed out a mostly full jar.

I've used San Francisco Bay freeze dried products and was pretty happy with them. Until I purchased Hikari freeze dried products. The difference is like night and day these seeming very much like something freeze dried and the Hikari almost seeming fresh, even going so far as to smelling fresh.

As these are much less expensive I still recommend them to people as an alternative.

But this review is just supposed to be about the tubifex worms which I found terrible to work with. If you drop in a whole cube it's bound to be too much food for the tank. If you try to break it in half it turns to powder.

Liked about it 1. Affordable

Didn't like 1. Not as fresh as other products
2. Cubes not the best way to distribute tubifex worms, either feed too much or turn to powder.

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By tcamos
Jun 21, 2010
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Price: $7 to $11
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at 3 stores

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