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San Francisco Bay Brand Freeze Dried Bloodworms 1 oz.

San Francisco Bay Brand Freeze-Dried Food Bloodworms 28 grams by San Francisco Bay. San Francisco Bay Brand Freeze-Dried Food: These foods use the best ingredients available and a special freezing process to ensure freshness

Price: $6 to $10 at 2 stores
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An affordable alternative to frozen featured

Comments Again, from experience, I point aquarists to Hikari products. The Hikari freeze dried blood worms are much better, and come in an easier to use jar with an opening that can be adjusted to increase or decrease the amount of blood worms that come out.

However, San Francisco Bay products are good products and their blood worms are one that stands out. They are so much easier to feed than frozen and if you don't have a freezer to put them in (many people don't like to put them in the human food) then this allows you to keep them right next to the tank.

One of the flaws with any freeze dried product is the fact that they float. Frozen blood worms will sink and this allows the current to take them all over the tank which promotes even feeding among less aggressive fish. When the food floats, that puts some fish at a disadvantage. Fish with upward or center positioned mouths tend to have an easier time eating from the surface, fish with mouths on the bottom do not do so readily.

Even though this is a good product I am not likely to buy it again because I feel Hikari makes a much better version.

Liked about it 1. Affordable
2. Easier to keep and use than frozen

Didn't like 1. Floats
2. Container opening is rather large and the worms rather light, just a ceiling fan could blow them out and onto the floor

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By tcamos
Jun 21, 2010
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Price: $6 to $10
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