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Ocean Nutrition Formula One Small Pellet 7 oz / 200g Featured

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Not consumed well in general

Comments I found the small pellets not well consumed by my inhabitants. They were quick to sink in the aquarium and even if soaked in a product such as Selcon and/or Garlic-Guard, they still did not generate much interest as a food source. After several different attempts on various different days over a year, I gave up trying to incorporate this food into my tank and simply used up the contents in blender mush.

Liked about it Pellet size is great for smaller inhabitants such as damsels; cost is quite attractive.

Didn't like Pellets sank too quickly; generated little interest once on the floor of the tank; easily swept into corners or cracks in aquascaping and ignored by inhabitants.

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By superwizbang
Aug 04, 2009
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