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New Life Spectrum Thera-A Large Fish Formula Sinking Pellet (3mm) Food...


Price: $8 to $8 at 1 stores
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An Excellent Reef Tank Food!

General Im my years of experience I have tried dozens of different foods.
Spectrum Thera +a is by far the best I have tried.
I prefer the 1mm pellets. They seem to be a good size, the smaller gobies can eat them as well as the larger tangs.

Since switching exclusively to Thera +A (anti parasitic)I have not seen Ich in my tank. From time to time I would see a few spots here and there and have not seen them since starting this food.

I would and have recommended this to any reefer out there.
You wont be sorry.

Liked about it does not sink too fast
Does not get washed right into the overflow.
the fish love it.
does not make my skimmer go flat like flakes do.

Didn't like Nothing

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By ckusnierek
Jun 18, 2009
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Price: $8 to $8
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at 1 stores

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