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Marina Nutramatic II Fish Food Feeder

Automatic Feeder NutraMatic 2X by Nutamatic. Feeds twice a day, every day, every 12 hours

Price: $17 to $22 at 2 stores
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Marina Nutramatic II Fish Food Feeder

General I feel that if you use this problem with pellets you will probably be fine. It is adjustable and feeds twice a day. My problem with the product is that it advertises that it can be used for flakes as well however from my experience it failed using flakes. However if you possibly mounted the feeder higher then the tank you might not have this problem or you could have a mess.

Liked about it Feeds twice a day, battery opperated so there are no wires and can still be effective if there is a power outage.

Didn't like The problem that I have found with this product is that if it is mounted to the tank it can get condensation in the feeder. This leads to failure of the product especially when using flake food.

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By quick_murdoc
Apr 24, 2009
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Price: $17 to $22
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at 2 stores

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