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Elos Complete Marine Fish Food

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Awesome food that costs a lot featured

Comments This food isn't affordable for the average person, especially when nice products are out there for half as much. However, if you have prized fish, show species, something that needs something special, I do recommend ELOS SV fish food. It comes in a nice tin with a screw on lid, a scooper that measures out small amounts exactly for you and is fresh. I use my nose a lot when dealing with this hobby as any odor indicates something to us. If our water smells different, there's a reason. In the case of this food, the smell was fresh. You could almost smell the quality if you will.

One of the things I particularly liked about it was how it interacted in the water. It is a sinking granule but it sinks slowly, almost like it were neutrally buoyant. It has a very similar movement in the water to that of brine shrimp, sort of wafting down. This brought it to the immediate attention of my fish. Even the smallest (clown goby) were able to gobble it up.

Especially those of us who also keep freshwater fish know that quality food can enhance the color of our fish. ELOS food did that for my marine fish in just a few days of feeding it. It was especially noticeable in my yellow fish, which became a deep color of yellow rather than a canary color.

Even though this costs more, it does last longer, because the little scoop tends to help me with my habit of overfeeding.

Liked about it 1. Fresh odor.
2. Comes with a scoop.
3. Packed in foil in a tin container.
4. Sinks slowly allowing time for fish to get to it. Also, it tends to move with the current which attracts the fish to it.
5. Quickly shows results in brighter fish colors.

Didn't like 1. Costs more than other brands. However, I think it is worth the money.

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By tcamos
Jul 16, 2010
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