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Brightwell Aquatics Reef Snow 250 ml

The Reef Snow Food Replica is a complex of carbonate-bound, non-conservative major, minor and trace elements in arronite ratios, as well as marine-derived proteins and lipids in coral tissue ratios. The Reef Snow Food...

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Good food.

Comments I am very happy with this product overall. I add it twice a week, and my corals usually show a feeding response pretty quickly. Which is nice, because I have used other similar products that don't seem to do anything. I do turn my skimmer off for a little while after I dose, just to be safe. But I have forgot before and it didn't overflow the skimmer or anything like that, it probably just wasn't as effective.

Liked about it Good value for the money, because you don't have to add much at a time. And my corals showed a feeding response.

Didn't like I wish it came with a syringe to make dosing easier.

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By luther1200
Sep 30, 2009
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Price: $7 to $7
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