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Brightwell Aquatics PhytoGold-M - Golden Phytoplankton Medium 8-20 mic...

PhytoGold-M 17 oz by Brightwell Aquatics. Brightwell Aquatics PhytoGold-M: 8-20 m phytoplankton suspension for soft corals, clams, sponges, and other filter feeding invertebrates

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Nano phytoplankton for target feeding short polyped soft coral and other selected non-photosynthetic organisms.

Comments A bit expensive, PhytoGold-M , Thalassiosira, is a unicellular marine algae, food for soft corals, clams, sponges, tunicates, tube worms, and larval invertebrates. However it is a good value, keeping those non-photosynthetic organisms healthy. The solution doesn't have to be refrigerated but it lasts longer if left in a shaded, cool place. Target feed by shaking the bottle and removing a small amount (up to 5ml the capful amount to 50 gallons) in a small separate container. Dilute the solution and target feed from the container with either a tubing or pipette. Add the phytoplankton solution slowing 2 to 4" upstream from the target organism. The goal is to (1) not increase decomposition of PhytoGold-M in its bottle by contaminating it with direct use of a pipette or tubing and (2) minimize the phytoplankton circulating in the tank. Typically an aquarist looks at the small amount and becomes "heavy handed" to only create a green algae problem in the tank. Use the smallest amount to feed the desired organisms. Broadcast feeding is also possible, but, again, the aquarist must be careful not to overfed. Always turn off the skimmer and mechanical filtration for 10 to 15 minutes before feeding phytoplankton.

Liked about it Small phytoplankton (8-20um) is a food source for those organisms not making enough of their own food, not having an aggressive means of capturing food and not being able to benefit from consuming larger particles. Soft corals (especially with short polyps), clams, sponges, plumed worms and larval invertebrates will thrive in DT when fed adequately with PhytoGold-M. The formula is supplemented with a proprietary amino acid to aid in invertebrate coloration. Adding it to the tank feeds the tank's copepod population improving another important DT food source.

Didn't like People will be as people will be: it is hard to resist overfeeding PhytoGold-M and starting up an excess algae problem in the DT. Recommend putting the minimal amount into the tank using using target feeding. Not convenient to store under the DT because of the heat of the refugium area; better to store elsewhere in a cool, shaded spot. Wherever you store it, keep out of reach of children; this is not for adding to a health drink or any kind of human consumption. The cost is high enough that you may eventually want to grow your own phytoplankton to meet tank needs.

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By Fielding12
May 02, 2010
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Price: $13 to $13
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