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Ocean Nutrition Spirulina flakes Featured

Ocean Nutrition makes a good value spirulina flake food for daily feeding of herbivores

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ocean Nutrition Spirulina Flakes - Everyday Feeding of Herbivores

Comments Ocean Nutrition's spirulina flakes, a good value, are appreciated by herbivores who prefer multiple, small servings each day. My sailfin tang, foxface, and pygmy cherub angel are especially fond of these spirulina flakes as a staple food. However, my herbivores and omnivores prefer garlic soaked nori, Tenera green or red, gracilaria, and the most favorite of all red grape algae. I think the flakes make the staple part of the diet and the other choices offer tempting food for variety. I don't think a diet of only the spirulina flakes would keep the pickier eaters healthy.

Liked about it Herbivores and omnivores like Ocean Nutrition spirulina flakes. Other foods preferred by omnivores (i.e., seaweed and food algaes) are expensive and more difficult to keep. These flakes work well in an automatic feeder. The food is easy to store and takes up little space.

Didn't like This food wouldn't keep herbivores well-fed and healthy if it were the only food, mostly because the finicky eaters need more enticement. It should be fed in small amounts two or three times a day but care is needed to balance grazer needs with not overfeeding.

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By Fielding12
Mar 03, 2010
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Price: $6 to $11
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at 7 stores

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