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Spirulina and Kelp flake food from

This is a flake food sold by that contains spirulina, kelp, chlorophyl and astaxanthin.

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Enticing Spirulina and Kelp flakes from featured

Comments My Coral Beauty, healthy as could be, wouldn't eat anything but the algae it could pick off the walls and floor of my tank. It refused frozen adult brine shrimp, frozen mysis, two different commercial angel food diets (one frozen and one gel form), as well as spirulina pellets and sinking spirulina tablets, chopped scallop and chopped clam. I had a bottle of the spirulina and kelp flakes that I had used for feeding a lawnmower blenny in the past. I didn't even think of trying it, since the angel rejected everything else. Just out of curiosity, I threw a few flakes into my tank. All of a sudden, the tank 'came to life'. The angel gobbled it up, my starry blenny flew out of his hiding place and gobbled these flakes up, and my two fire shrimp went totally nuts, scurrying around the tank, grabbing flakes even before they hit the ground.

Liked about it Out of almost a dozen foods that I tried, this is the only one my angelfish would eat. Besides, it also has soy and yeast protein + B vitamins + vitamin C along with the spirulina, kelp and astaxanthin. A very nutritious blend.

Didn't like There is nothing I didn't like about this product.

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By Michael JT
Apr 02, 2011
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