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Instant Ocean Seaweed Grazing Block - Herbivore Diet - 36g - 3 pk

Instant Ocean's gel grazing blocks mimic the natural feeding environment of marine omnivores and herbivores, allowing them to browse on the block through the day. The blocks are rich in omega fats, vitamins and minerals for healthy immune systems. These blocks are ideal for all-day feeding of tangs, angels and other grazing fish.

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Great product once you get over how odd it is featured

Comments I got my first package of this free inside of a bucket of salt I purchased. It's touted as being fresh food without the hassle of being frozen. It comes in a nicely sealed container that is a single serving. Depending on how many fish you have and their eating habits one serving could easily last a week.

When I mention in my title about it being odd, I mean it. The serving is a gel with all the algae inside of it. The gel feels like it's made out of protein or lipids as it has a fat-like feel to it, which is fine, because your fish need those things.

My clown fish, my yellow watchman goby, and my skunk cleaner shrimp were the only things in the tank that really seemed to enjoy it and pick on it but they certainly did.

The nice thing was, as they picked on it, nothing came flying off of it. The thing held together nicely and so didn't make a mess of the tank.

If you're like me when you pick it up you will say, "what the heck is this?", but you will soon see it's a very nice product, especially if you keep Tangs as it will allow them to graze all day long. One of these would not last a week with a tang, probably would only last a day. Which makes this a rather costly way to feed them. I would recommend this product as a once a week feeding unless you have plenty of money. I really do think this is an interesting and innovative new product and my fish have done very well on it. I will continue to keep some around.

Liked about it 1. Very nice packaging.
2. Extremely fresh product. It actually smells like fresh veggies which is amazing to think about how fresh this must be.
3. Does not break up in the water and create a mess. There's no over feeding as this stays in one piece until it's eaten up.

Didn't like 1. Costs a bit more than other foods.
2. Large serving that once open must be used unless you can put it back in something rather air-tight.

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By tcamos
Oct 01, 2010
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