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GSL Brine Shrimp Eggs Featured

Artemia / Brine Shrimp Eggs Cysts

Price: $3 to $62 at 5 stores
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Worth it if you have a hatching tank.

Comments Make sure you have ample water movement, light and warm temps when hatching these brine shrimp.
They are great for all types of corals and planktivores.

Liked about it Have a strong enough air pump so that you can place the air stone at the bottom of the hatching tank.
Overall this a cheap way of feeding brine shrimp rather than buying them already hatched & dead in solution from the store.
Turn off your return pump when you are feeding them out so that your animals have more time to eat!

Didn't like If it is too cold, or not enough water movement, then the % hatch rate will decrease.

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By hawaii4485
Aug 25, 2009
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Price: $3 to $62
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at 5 stores

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