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Tetra Whisper Bio-Bag Disposable Filter Cartridge Large 8 Pack

Whisper Bio-Bags Large 8-pk by Tetra. Disposable, easy-to-use filter bags help keep your aquarium sparkling

Price: $4 to $59 at 4 stores
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Prepare to save money!

Installation and Operation These don't really come with detailed instructions, I think they assume the assembly is intuitive. I found that it worked best to place the frame in the floss then using scissors cut the carbon back entirely across the top then dump that in. I would then clip the frame around the floss to close it and by pulling the sides and shaking a little adjust where the carbon was in the floss bag.

Performance vs. Expectations If you own one of the older Whisper filters by Tetra these are the replacement media for them and it can get pretty costly to replace them. Luckily Tetra offers these unassembled filters which cost half as much as the assembled ones. Why waste that much money when these work exactly the same? I used these for years and years in my freshwater tanks. You can even take a frame from an old assembled filter apart and use it for these so you have two frames for no extra money.

In terms of how well they work, they are very good filters for a short duration, meaning change them out monthly for best results. As far as removing particulates from your water they are very good at that. I have used them in planted tanks and they work great for pulling out the parts of dead leaves from the system.

Value for money These are all about value. If you are willing to take the extra two minutes to assemble them you get twice as many filters for the cost. That's value to me. They also work, so that's value too.

Customer Support Tetra has great customer support with people standing by to answer your questions. This requires you sign up for a username and password, but once you do that gives you access to quick help. The people on the other end actually seem to care about the animals we keep are are quick to reply.

Liked about it 1. Affordable
2. Easy to assemble
3. Good at removing particulate matter from the water

Didn't like 1. Pretty drippy. I kept a second frame which I would assemble, then remove the old filter and place it in a container to dry. I wouldn't worry about breaking it down until it was totally dry. If you aren't picky like I was, you won't even care about this.

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By tcamos
Jun 21, 2010
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Price: $4 to $59
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