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Marineland HOT Magnum Bio-Wheel PRO Featured

HOT Magnum Pro System Canister Filter by Magnum. 3-stage filtration system

Price: $74 to $96 at 3 stores
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Hot Magnum

General I've been running these for close to 20 years. I started using them on my freshwater tanks, planted tanks and found them easy to use, set up and clean. over the years I started using them as the filtration on various quarantine tanks for salt water and have two of them sitting around now that I use when doing quick maintenance n my reef tank. if I have to disturb the rock or sandbed, I'll throw one on and run it for a few hours with the micron cartridge. It clears the water quickly. The Hot Magnums are also a great way of running carbon when in a pinch.

Liked about it These are fantastic filters and one I believe that everyone should have for at least quick maintenance. It is easy to set up and use and extremely versatile.

Didn't like Never really cared for the biowheel and would like to see an additional attachment to lower the return into the tank.

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By Hop
Apr 19, 2009
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Price: $74 to $96
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at 3 stores

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