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Eheim Pro Filter External Canister Aquarium Filter 2229 Featured

Eheim Wet/Dry Filter Model 2229 by Eheim. The first and only, fully intergrated wet/dry filters

Price: $2 to $383 at 6 stores
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The best Canister I ever owned!

Installation and Operation I bought this canister for my 120 tank with fish and live rock tank. Set up was extreamly easy and there really was no maintenance involved except changing the medi when needed.

Performance vs. Expectations My expectations were very high because the name is Eheim. This canister was much easer to reprime after water changes than the other canisters I had used in the past.

Value for money Def worth the money its really a workhorse.

Liked about it The ease to set up the ease of changing the media the pulsing action caused by the internal pump that cause a wave effect in my tank that the fish loved!

Didn't like The only thing I didn't like about it and to be honestand I'm being very picky here is the noise it makes while pumping. However compared to the noise my sump makes it was really nothing.

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By partobe
Sep 15, 2009
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Price: $2 to $383
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at 6 stores

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