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Eheim Filter Ecco External Canister Aquarium Filter 2236

ECCO Canister Filters Model 2236 by Eheim. Get a Handle on Three-Stage Filtration with ECCO Canisters

Price: $104 to $129 at 4 stores
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decent but expensive little fitler for use with media in a reef tank featured

Installation and Operation This is a nice little filter that works well for housing some media or filter material. It has a reasonable flow rate and works well outside of the tank, so if you don't have a sump this good be a good solution for adding some sort of filtration media (such as carbon or phosphate media) to your tank. These are generally used for freshwater systems and don't typically translate well to saltwater applications, but this may work well depending on your need.

Performance vs. Expectations This works exactly as expected. It's simple to install and doesnt require a lot of particular attention or maintenance. It works well, and I'd recommend it if other solutions arent available.

Value for money Personally, I think this is pretty expensive. Unless you can find it used or get a really good deal on it, I'd probably look at another solution for what you intend to use it.

Liked about it Eheim makes very high quality products that are meant to last, and this is no exception. I bought this product to run carbon on a small tank that didn't otherwise utilize a sump or overflow compartment, and I was able to plumb this into that system with ease. It is low power but decent flow rate, I very much like the swiveling connectors that keep things from kinking up and preventing flow. It's dead silent in my experience as well, so I'd recommend it if you have an application that suits this product.

Didn't like While very high in quality, this is an expensive media container. I don't recommend them in their typical freshwater design, either, as any media that collects wastes is bound to create nitrate issues in a reef tank. If you don't have a better alternative, though, this may be a great way to add some sort of filtration media to your aquarium.

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By crvz
May 26, 2010
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Price: $104 to $129
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