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Bio-Wheel Assembly for Penguin 200B 350B Filters Featured

Replacement Bio-wheel assembly for the new Penguin 200B or 350B power filters.

Price: $8 to $14 at 3 stores
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Bio filtration

Installation and Operation I use a penguin 350 filter on my quarantine tank. When I set-up the tank, I replaced the wheels to help establish the bio filter. I purchased 2 new wheels and let the 350 run in my sump for a week then I put together the quarantine tank and moved the 350 over. In my opinion the tank cycled much quicker with "seeded" wheels.

Performance vs. Expectations They do what they are intended to do.

Value for money Good value for the money.

Liked about it Very easy to replace. Pop in and pop out.
Readily available at most pet stores.
Not very costly.

Didn't like They were a little noisy while spinning.

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By Mr.Peanut
Oct 01, 2009
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Price: $8 to $14
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at 3 stores

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