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Aquarium Systems Duetto Multi Filter - DJ100

Duetto Multi-Filters DJ-100 Biological Filter mfg# 00.48.004 by Duetto. Compact, submersible, multi-filter with separate chambers for mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration

Price: $25 to $25 at 1 stores
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A good filter to have for side projects or emergen

Installation and Operation The filter is VERY easy to assemble and maintain. I use it to supplement filtration or flow in an emergency. I have used it to minimize surface agitation in a planted tank. It functions well to provide circulation to rock cooking bins, QT tanks, or SW mixing vats. I would not use it as the main filter on a permanently set up tank but it is a nice versatile piece of equipment I have used for more than 5 years.

Performance vs. Expectations Like most internal filters it has it's limitations but is what I expected.

Value for money It is a decent value for it's money. If you were setting up standard filtration for a system a HOB design would be a better option

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Liked about it Simple to disassemble and clean.
Quickly and easily put into action.
Combines mechanical, biological and chemical filtration.
No priming.

Didn't like Internal filters are a hassle because you must remove them to clean them.
If it gets a bubble in it, it becomes loud and the bubble may take some time to resolve.
Limited options of foam block or carbon inserts to run in it.

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By jenglish
Aug 06, 2009
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Price: $25 to $25
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