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API RENA SmartFilter 55

SmartFilters SmartFilter 55 by Rena. Rena SmartFilter: New innovative hang-on-tank aquarium power filter performs like a canister filter

Price: $41 to $51 at 2 stores
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This is a poorly designed cartage stile filter meant to hang on the back of your tank. featured

Installation and Operation By reading the instructions I learned it is wrather dificult and labor intensive to set up and maintain, carbon cartridges are expensive, full of dust that takes time to rinse out, and difficult to keep from snagging and folding in the keepers that hold them open and in place. The locking cartage frames are difficult to line up for reassembly. When placing the carbon cartridge frame back in the housing I found it difficult to know the right order to place them. Seating them firmly in place was tricky. Now its all assembled and we came to the major malfunction. When place on the tank there are feet the rotate out and space away from the glass. They are adjustable to level the unit according to the instructions. When filled and level the weight of the full assembly collapses the feet. When the feet collapse it as no-longer level and water flows rapidly out of the back and continues until the pump goes dry or you reach over and pick it back up. To fix this I rotated the feet to the point where they were straight out and could not rotate back. This fix lowered the level in the filter slightly but the cartridges were still under the water line and working properly.
Servicing The unit was difficult due to the steps mentioned above. All so, removing the filter at far end can pull the "BioChem Stars" out of there holder. If you don't notice, they can lie on the bottom, block replacement of the filter and frustrate you to no end. Eventually the pump went out due to sand. I didn't sevice it because I didn't know I had to.

Performance vs. Expectations The cubed shape of the cartridges give more surface area for filtration.

Value for money After knowing what i know not not worth price.

Customer Support I didn't contact customer support or attempt to take it back to smart. I just don't like dealing with that stuff.

Liked about it It's large capacity for waste removal, The "BioChem Stars" bio media and the accessibility of the components for service.

Didn't like The complications caused buy servicing unit, The difficulty of servicing unit and the ease in witch it can empty your tank onto your floor.

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By Brenn
Jul 11, 2010
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Price: $41 to $51
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at 2 stores

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