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Aqua Clear 70 Activated Carbon 3pk Featured

70/300 Media Carbon 3 pk by Aquaclear. Cycleguard filtration three step process for model 70/300 power filter

Price: $6 to $27 at 4 stores
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Good product

Installation and Operation I used these in the back part of my Aquapod. I was pretty happy with them over all. They are convenient since they come pre packaged in filter bags, which is nice. They are a fair price also, you can do it cheaper buying the GAC in bulk and bagging the GAC yourself, but these are a good alternative.

Performance vs. Expectations They did keep the water fairly clear, and since I really didn't have much other filtration I think they did a good job. Its a good idea to take them out about once a week or so and rinse them in salt water and break up any clumps that might form. To keep water flowing in and around it the best it can be.

Value for money They are a good value, there is cheaper ways to go, but these aren't bad.

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Liked about it I like the fact they that they are already in filter bags, and you just have to rinse them a little and put them in, it makes it easier.

Didn't like It would be nice if they had a few version's with different quality GAC for different applications.

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By luther1200
Oct 20, 2009
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Price: $6 to $27
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at 4 stores

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