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Marineland Emperor 400 Power Filter

The Emperor BIO-Wheel Power Filter delivers continuous uninterrupted 3-stage filtration driven by its revolutionary dual impeller design. The main impeller drives water directly to and through the mechanical and chemical filtration stages producing over 400 gallons per hour. The secondary impeller then pressurizes the filtered water through the spray bars powering...

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Great Filter in the Right Application featured

Installation and Operation No instructions were needed for product assembly. Less obvious was the order in which the filters and media cartridges needed to be located inside, but the LFS helped with that (filters go toward the back, cartridges up front).

I was extremely happy with it's performance as a FOWLR filter. The filter media is about $15 locally, so it doesn't break the bank when it comes time to purchase new.

Performance vs. Expectations Being my first power filter, I really had no expectations on performance. However this product has set the bar for my future expections. I've had zero mechanical issues with this filter. For a FOWLR tank (I cannot emphasis FOWLR enough) this is a GREAT filter.

Value for money I would use this again if I ever go back to FOWLR.

Customer Support Never needed to deal with support.

Liked about it Being a new reefer, 400 gph of flow across one half of a 75 gallon tank was nice. Not only did I get a particulate filter and a water polisher, but the flow was sufficient to rid the tank of any stirred detritus within a couple of hours.

It is relatively silent in operation. Having this and a HOB skimmer, the skimmer was louder. I would, however, as the filter aged, hear the spray bars being re-pressurized. It sounded sort of like a squeeky toy being squeezed.

I also liked the fact that it was easy to remove and easy to clean during water changes. It also came with a bottle brush that I use to clean everything from rock to the skimmer container.

Didn't like There is only one thing I didn't like about this product and it has nothing to do with this specific product, but all media-based filters. It couldn't make the journey from FOWLR to reef with me.

It says right on the box "Biological filtration is provided by the revolutionary BIO-Wheel -- proven best at removing toxic ammonia and nitrite." Then comes the reef, which is susceptible to nitrates which is where this (and all power filters) fall short.

Even though this filter has been removed from my tank, it is in storage for use later if the necessity ever arises.

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By Chalkoutline
Aug 08, 2011
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