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PURA PhosLock 150 gram

For the ultimate in phosphate control, nothing works like PhosLock. This ingenious product is made from ferric hydroxide, which permanently binds phosphates, rendering them harmless in your aquarium- no more algae...

Price: $8 to $13 at 2 stores
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So so media

Comments I tried this media a few times after not liking the results of the brand I was using at the time. And found this to be about the same quality. While it did lower my phosphates a little, it didn't really have an impact on my nuisance algae. Which is what I wanted and hoped it would do.

Liked about it Its granules are a good size for a media reactor.

Didn't like It took significant rinsing to get the fines out. And it wasn't very effective for me.

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By luther1200
Oct 03, 2009
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Price: $8 to $13
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at 2 stores

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