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PURA Filtration Pad 1530 15 inch x 30 inch Featured

The Pura filtration pad takes all the filtration power of the PURA filtration media and packs it into an easy to use pad Not only do you get the chemical filtration power of PhosLock and activated carbon, you also get...

Price: $25 to $38 at 3 stores
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Great Filter Pad

Comments This product does great at eliminating unwanted nutrients and waste from your tank. However, if the load is very high it will not does so well. I use these in my tank to help control phosphates. I used a different substance to get the extremely high ones under control. However, now I just use these pad and they work great keeping phosphates and other nutrients at an exceptable level.

Liked about it I loved how easy it was to measure and cut to fit my hang on filter. It fit righ into the filter that I have already and all I had to do was make a quick measurement, cut the pad, and place it into the filter.

Didn't like I like how ddense the material is. However, that denseness causes it to pick up A LOT of debris. You will find yourself changing pads quite frequently if you have a lot floating in your tank, or if your bioload is very high.

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By joschend0325
Jan 25, 2011
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Price: $25 to $38
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