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Hagen Fluval Lab Series Nitrate Remover Filter Media

Fluval Nitrate Remover 150 g by Fluval. Rapidly removes nitrate and eliminates toxic nitrite for clear, healthy freshwater aquariums

Price: $27 to $27 at 1 stores
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Leaves a lot to be desired.

Comments This stuff performs to a certain extent. For my tastes it could do a whole lot better. I ordered the stuff online and ran me $18 including shipping. I used this after my cichlids decided to mate and after everything hatched my tanks nitrate level exploded literally overnight.

Liked about it About the only thing to like about this stuff is the low price. It did lower the nitrate levels a little and possibly kept nitrite levels down. I do know it changed the pH levels of my tank and that required more attention, a problem I got after the use of this product.

Didn't like It did not change levels enough to really matter in the end. It changed the pH of my tank about a hour after dosing. In all reality I think it would be better just to do big water changes.

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By bb0029
Mar 08, 2010
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Price: $27 to $27
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at 1 stores

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