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Hagen Fluval Filter Foam Block 204 / 205 and 304 / 305 Featured

MSF Foam Blocks 204/205 and 304/305 2pk by Fluval. For Fluval Multi-Stage Filters

Price: $2 to $20 at 23 stores
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Foam Filter Block that does not block.

General I tried three foam blocks in my sump on my pre-filter tray. I replaced the stock foam pad that has become worn after 2 1/2 years of cleaning. My sump has never been so dirty. I am a huge Fluval cannister fan but now that I can see the foam working / not working in my sump I realize just how much got past the first stage of my cannister filter. I have a foam inert in a chamber before my pump and I use to clean it every month now I have to every week since I switched to this product and all of my carbon is filthy and my bio ball tray is filthy. It only traps very large particals. I am very disappointed. It is very difficult to find fine foam filter material and I thought I found it with Fluval and I was wrong.

Liked about it Easily available

Didn't like Very coarse and lets plenty of pariculate matter by.

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By Invader
May 02, 2009
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Price: $2 to $20
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at 23 stores

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