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Coralife Pure Flo 100 Micron Filter Pad 30 Inch X 36 Inch Featured

Filter Pads 100 Micron 30" x 36" by Central Aquatics. Use to trap even the smallest of particles

Price: $7 to $19 at 4 stores
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Very useful

Comments I have recently switched to this filter media. I wish I did a long time ago. It gets so much stuff out of the water its crazy. I take it and wring it out about 3 times before I really wash it good, and the amount of gunk that comes out is amazing. Not only that you can cut it to fit anything, or even make your own filter socks for much cheaper than you could buy them.

Liked about it Very economical, since its cheap and you get a lot of it. You can easily cut to fit any filter tray, or to make filter socks. I also like that you can wash and reuse it a few times, these days every little bit helps.

Didn't like One thing they could do to improve it is make some kind of grid pattern on the material so its easier to cut, but its pretty easy anyway. It just would be nice.

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By luther1200
Sep 25, 2009
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Price: $7 to $19
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at 4 stores

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