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Boyd Chemi Pure Elite 5oz

Chemi-Pure Elite 5 oz by . Easily eliminate organics and maintain perfect pH in any water type

Price: $8 to $13 at 2 stores
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This stuff is good beyond belief. featured

Comments I have used various filter media in my 12g nano cube and I can tell you that I will continue to use this product and have dumped the rest. I payed $6.89 at the LFS for the 5oz size. The 5oz is said to be good for up to 20 gallons. After I added it to the sump I walked away. I was eagerly awaiting the results and to my surprise the results came almost immediately. Within a hour my water was so incredibly clear it was literally unbelievable. After about 2 days the water was beyond crystal clear. It was clean and polished and was odor free. My fish was a lot more active and my softies reacted well. Nothing in the tank was stressed with the addition of the media. This is truly an amazing product and so far it has done everything advertised. I have only had it in the tank for about 3 weeks and it states it will last up to 4 months and it probably will with the light bio load that I have in my tank. I am going to change it at 4 weeks because I am sure it is pretty dirty since it was the first one added to the tank. As the water gets cleaner and cleaner overtime I am sure you could stretch them out a bit. Even if it is $7 a month for maintenance this product is worth every penny.

Liked about it -Very inexpensive for what it does
-Odor free
-Nice filter sock that is not cheap and does not restrict flow
-Easy to work with
-Drop it in and forget it with this stuff
-Did not change the chemistry of the tank
-Readily available at most LFS

Didn't like Nothing to not like about it. I wish I would of known about it earlier.

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By bb0029
Mar 15, 2010
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Price: $8 to $13
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at 2 stores

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