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Reef Results Coconut Shell Carbon

This activated carbon is a 50-50 blend of coconut shell based activated carbon and of pelletized carbon. - - Coconut shell based activated carbons have a greater micro-pore structure, which targets the removal of smaller, lower molecular weight contaminates. - - The best aquarium water purifier and absorber available. This unique formula removes the following; impurities, organics, chloramine, chlorine, fish odors, ammonia, toxic metals, secretions, toxins. It makes yellow water clear and is used for ozone generators to convert ozone to ozygen. Safe and easy to use it will not leech back impurities absorbed from your aquarium and is compatible with uv steralizers. Satisfaction Guarenteed.

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Comments I can try atest that this media works. I have a terrible sinus problem that result in not the best sense of smell. The reason I mention this is due to my wife general makes statements of the the smell of my reef which has canopy-less. When I first start using the Reef Result Coconut Shell Carbon media she advised me it smell alot better in the room,keep in mind I have a 135 gallon reef. The use of this media increase the clarity of my water. With that stated I have never had water clarity issue. For instance I have never had cloudy water or green water of the such. With in a couple of days I could tell a increase in light intesity. In the future I will purchase more of this carbon due to I have had great results with it, no pun intended.

Liked about it I turly like the fact the carbon came pre-bagged, due I don't run a sump. To run the carbon in my reef I tied a knot in the filter media bag and rubberbanded it to my hang on the back filter.

Didn't like Didn't like that the media didn't list a recommendation on the amount to dose. For instance how many cups for 5 gallons of water

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By Dragonist
Oct 21, 2010
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