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NoPhos by Dryden Aqua

A Phosphate control concentrate or crystalline additive to be used prior to sand or AFM filtration systems. The flocculent is focused on the removal of phosphate from water, wastewater and environmental systems such as zoos, aquatic displays and lakes. When used in conjunction with AFM filter media it acts as a surface catalyst and will accelerate the oxidation and cra... - 1 x Kg pack removes approx 100g of phosphate as PO4--P.

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The only thing I use.

Comments Simply the best. I can't truly describe it. They have the best value of anyone out there. Even their smallest container would last an at home aquarist with two 250s many years.

Liked about it It requires a bit of algebra and unit conversion to figure out the dosing rate, but once you do, WOW, GOOD BY PHOSPHATES!
Make sure to keep your skimmer going. This flocculant will knock the phosphate right out of solution so make sure your skimmer is finely tuned.

Didn't like I didn't like when I ran out :)
I had to wait 2 weeks to get more.

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By hawaii4485
Aug 28, 2009
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