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Nitrate Removal Media

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Good Nitrate Removal Product featured

Comments This product perfoms as advertised. At 24.95 for 250grams it is higher priced that competitors media.
This is the first time using a nitrate removal media in a filter bag.
My previous experience is with cannister filter ammonia/nitrate media.
I was selected by TRT reviewers club and reef results to test this product.
The test ran for 4 weeks and I found the media to reduce NO3 levels from 30 PPM in a 125 gallon Fish Only tank to 10 PPM in one week. Zero(0) PPM at 2 weeks through 4 weeks. At 5 weeks NO3 levels were at 5 PPM.
Using manufacturers recommended dose of 1 gram per gallon of water this product will cost ten cents per gallon per month. For nano reef and small tanks(less than 50 gallons) this could be affordable.

Liked about it Ease of use, just pour into bag and sit in sump.
Can be used in reactor.
Maintains low NO3 for 5 weeks
Reviewed and validated by both American National Standards Institute and National Science Foundation.

Didn't like Slow onset, needs 48 hours to reach maximum No3 removal.
Media bag could be packaged on top of media and not mixed into it.
Price is high especially for maintenence of tanks larger than 100 gallons.

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By depitch
Oct 06, 2010
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