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Red Sea Live Rock Art No. 10 Medium - 14.2in x 10.2in x 3.5in


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Live rock is a must

Comments Every aquarium these days has live rock in it, whether it's a fish only tank or reef. It adds great bacteria to speed up cycling and looks very natural and adds hiding places for fish and inverts. Live rock is a must for reef tanks so that corals can live by attaching to the rock. I always add little pieces of rock on the bottom, medium in the middle and large on the top, I find it's more secure that way. But be carful when buying live rock becase it's so expensive!

Liked about it The natural look along with the bacteria that allowed my tank to cylce in about a week! Also be careful that you buy it from a local fish store so you can get pre-cured rock, so it doesn't take weeks to cycle!

Didn't like I loved everything about live rock!

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By berger9953
Jan 16, 2010
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