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Bali Alor Live Rock

Bali Alor is a biological filter that creates an attractive aquascape. It is light and porous with subtle light green and rust-red spots coloration. It comes in a variety of interesting shapes including rocks with holes and arches for aquascaping.

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Bali Alor is a light, porous live rock, attractive in aquascapes and a biological filter for tank stability

Comments At over $6.50/lb, this live rock cost some out-of-pocket money but its value is worth it. Because it is light, only 1 1/2 lb/gal is recommended (in contrast to Fuji live rock's 2lb/gal). The rock is supposedly comes from reefs broken by storms and is covered with biologically filtering algae (i.e. coralline), but the rock I received had very little biological filtering organisms on it. It was shipped promptly in moist paper inside a cooler and arrived pre-cured. I didn't not have to cure it fully to add to an existing tank; I rinsed the rock and added it to a new tank to cycle (allow the dead materials to fall off and the biological filtering organisms to establish).

Liked about it Bali Alor comes in a variety of shapes that make interesting additions to an aquascape. It's subtle light green and deep rusty color in spots is an attractive accent color. As live rock, it will make an excellent biological filter adding stability to my tank and saving me money in the future as I won't have to replace lost fish. The live rock did not come with any "hitchhikers" (organisms like the mantis shrimp that prey on tank inhabitants).

Didn't like On-line purchasing of live rock means you get what you get; I prefer to trade for or buy live rock that I can personally select. The out-of-pocket cost was high, although the long-term value in a stable, biologically filter tank is good. The rock was not as encrusted with biological filter organisms as it was advertised to be.

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By Fielding12
Mar 01, 2010
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